PEI BIO Industry Hosts Neurological Health Symposium

Posted on Jul 2, 2013 in News & Events

The Prince Edward Island BioAlliance and Neurodyn will present the 4th Annual Biotechnology & Human Health Symposium, July 7- 9, 2013 at Rodd’s Brudenell River Resort, Prince Edward Island. The symposium will provide delegates insight into how inflammatory processes play an important role in the development of many neurological disease conditions and represent key therapeutic targets. The Biotechnology & Human Health Symposium program annually attracts international pharmaceutical companies, early stage companies, medical practitioners, principal investigators in clinical trials, contract research organizations, and investors who are focused on this therapeutic area. Dr. Jackalina Van Kampen, Director of Preclinical Research at Neurodyn Inc. and Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences at UPEI, is Program Chair of the Biotechnology and Human Health Symposium. She says the event will be one of the best yet. “This is shaping up to be a very exciting meeting. The concentration of talent that will be gathered here in PEI will give attendees access to some of the world leaders in our field of neurological research. We are very fortunate to attract speakers renowned in this area of research and I’m very proud to be a part of it.” This year’s event is being made possible with financial assistance of from the Government of Canada, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). “I am proud of our Government’s continued support for Atlantic Canada’s innovative bioscience sector. These investments help to build our region’s commercialization capacity and strengthen our economy,” said the Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of National Revenue and Minister for ACOA. “I encourage all attending delegates from Canada and around the world to have meaningful discussions and build strong relationships during the 4th Annual Biotechnology and Human Health Symposium.” This year’s program will feature a pre-symposium public lecture with Dr. Patrick McGeer from the University of British Columbia who will present “How to maintain a healthy brain and avoid dementia” on the evening of July 7th at 7:00 pm in Brudenell. The main program on July 8th and 9th will feature 12 leading researchers from across North America, Europe, Israel, and India who will present and discuss the role of neuro-inflammation and autoimmunity in the pathogenesis of neurological disease and the process of translating basic research into clinical practice. Canadian researchers and companies, such as Neurodyn, are doing important work in the areas of neurological disease prevention and therapy development. This Symposium gives local industry the opportunity to showcase the quality of work taking place in Atlantic Canada and provides key connections for industry representatives, as well as providing the general public with beneficial information on research, discoveries, and preventative measures for neurodegenerative diseases affecting Islanders. Organizers have also invited international pharmaceutical organizations, such as Johnson and Johnson and Genzyme, as well as...

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CNS|CRO Announces Marketing Expansion

Posted on Apr 9, 2013 in News & Events

April 9, 2013, Charlottetown: Neurodyn Inc. announced today that the company’s wholly owned contract research subsidiary CNS|CRO. has expanded its marketing efforts in response to inquiries from the pharmaceutical industry. The marketing effort includes an expanded website at,the addition of a full time marketing position for the company, and negotiations with several pharmaceutical companies who are interested in either contracting CNS|CRO services or licensing the company’s proprietary models. CNS|CRO holds patent rights to proprietary models of ALS and Parkinson’s disease complex, and other neurological disease conditions. These models are the only slowly progressing, environmentally based models for these conditions in the world, and they closely reflect the progression of these diseases in humans. “We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from the pharmaceutical industry about the value of our models, and we recognize the commercial opportunity for an expansion of our business activity,” said Dr.Denis Kay, Director of Operations for CNS|CRO. CNS|CRO partners closely with several key medical researchers at the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island, and utilizes the institution’s state of the art facilities for a portion of the contract research. The combined expertise makes CNS|CRO a leader in pre‐clinical contract research for neurological diseases. CSN|CRO’s parent company Neurodyn Inc. ( is a Canadian biotechnology company using a portfolio approach to identifying, validating and developing natural bioactives into both prescription drugs and natural products for the early stage treatment of neurological diseases. Based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the company has developed its BioActives Discovery Engine™ through a combination of 1) international partners with demonstrated historical knowledge of natural compounds, 2) in‐house medicinal chemistry capability, and 3) proprietary pre‐clinical models of neurological disease. Neurodyn is using this powerful engine for its Rx and natural product development programs to out‐license or sell validated drug candidatesto pharmaceutical and consumer health players. Neurodyn’s lead technologies include NeuroPro™, for use in early stage Parkinson’s disease which will begin sales in Canada in early 2013, Progranulin (ND602), a novel therapeutic demonstrating pre‐clinical efficacy in ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and a Nerve Pain Treatment (NQ1123), which is being developed as a prescription drug for a topical nerve pain condition. Formore information, contact: Dr.Denis Kay 902‐314 0776 (mobile) Mr. Kenneth Cawkell 604‐619‐0990 (mobile) Mr. Robert Cervelli 902‐222‐4391 (mobile) Neurodyn Inc., Suite 508,NRC‐INH, 550University Avenue, Charlottetown PE C1A 4P3 Apr 13 Neurodyn CNS CRO Release...

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CNS|CRO’s pre-clinical stroke model technology further validated in Phase IIB results

Posted on Feb 24, 2012 in News & Events

Charlottetown PEI. February 24, 2012 CNS|CRO is pleased to announce that pre-clinical work,using stroke model technology now exclusively licensed to CNS|CRO, had promoted the test compound NA1 directly from rodent testing to successful Phase I through IIA trials. Now a successful Phase IIB trial has been concluded by NoNO Inc. demonstrating clinical efficacy in the ENACT trial for embolic stroke. Topline results from the clinical trial were presented at the recent International Stroke Conference in New Orleans. Full results are expected to be published in a leading peer-reviewed journal and should appear in print in the summer of 2012. For further information, please watch an interview with the trial principal investigator, Dr. Michael D. Hill. Mr. Kenneth Cawkell, President, CEO and Chairman said “these are the most advanced clinical results providing further validation of the predictive power of the stroke model technology offered by CNS|CRO.”. Dr. Andrew Tasker, PhD FCAHS, Professor of Neuropharmacology at the Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI who led the team that developed this novel technology said, “this is the first experimental stroke treatment to demonstrate neuroprotection in man, it is very rewarding to have our work contribute to this potential therapeutic for such an important condition.”. CNS Contract Research Corporation (CNS|CRO) is a private pre-clinical neurological disease specialty laboratory located in Charlottetown PE. It maintains close affiliations with one of the leading veterinary schools in Canada, the Atlantic Veterinary College. CNS offers a range of proprietary animal models for pre-clinical evaluation of test compounds for neurodegenerative disease. Proprietary disease models include Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia and a range of Stroke models. CNS has extensive expertise in neuro-behavioural assessment and offers an extensive complement of histopathological services. For further information contact W.M. (Bill) Cheliak +1.902.442.9185  ...

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CNS|CRO adds neurological animal models from UPEI

Posted on Sep 13, 2010 in News & Events

CNS|CRO is bolstering its animal models for neurological diseases through a licensing deal with the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Continue reading at:  ...

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Biotechnology firm finds productive home at UPEI

Posted on Sep 12, 2010 in News & Events

Jim Day Topics : UPEI , Neurodyn , National Research Council Institute for Nutrisciences Neurodyn Inc., a biotechnology company, is finding a fruitful home on campus at UPEI. With the help of $2.3 million in federal funding from ACOA, Neurodyn set up lab facilities in early 2007 at the National Research Council Institute for Nutrisciences and Health. Neurodyn CEO Ken Cawkell says the company has grown “from basically an idea and two guys” into seven researchers, including five Phds, in the space of about three and a half years. Now, a subsidiary of the company called CNS Contract Research Corporation (CNS|CRO) is eager to blossom in large part thanks to an agreement signed with UPEI Thursday. The university agreed to license four pieces of medical research technologies to CNS|CRO to be used in drug development and drug testing for stroke, epilepsy and schizophrenia. Cawkell sees the agreement opening the door to potential lucrative contracts with pharmaceutical companies looking to contract CNS|CRO’s preclinical neurological disease services. “There is a huge marketplace,” he said. “I can tell you that the marketplace for some of these quote diseases or indications is in the billions of dollars. So they’re all areas that large pharmaceutical companies are all extremely interested in.’’ He believes his company has superior testing models — models that have been exclusively licensed to the CNS|CRO. “If you want to use these models,” he stressed, “you need to come to this university — you need to come to our CRO in order to test your drugs.’” Cawkell also foresees CNS|CRO attracting research money as a result of the licence agreement with UPEI. “The reason for (anticipating) the research money is that because we believe that we have leading edge models — we can actually do our own research,” he said. “Very, very important from our point of view in doing our discovery research here based in P.E.I., based at the university here.’’ Three Oaks Innovations, Inc. — UPEI’s independent spin-off company with the mandate of helping university-created technologies and innovations making their way into business application — facilitated the agreement signed Thursday. “Today is about technology developed by researchers at UPEI making a difference in the real world,” said Katherine Schultz, vice-president, research and development at UPEI. “Today, we celebrate a major contribution that that research will play in the development of new tools for the fight against stroke, epilepsy and schizophrenia.’’ Schultz described the four members of the research team that developed the technologies as an eclectic bunch representing three different departments across UPEI and the Atlantic Veterinary College. She says the research team of Andy Tasker, Tracy Doucette, Catherine Ryan and Melissa Perry has been able to secure competitive...

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